Welcome to KDRA Vidya Niketan
Dihulpar, Majhganva,Gorakhpur

Our School

An educational institution run by KDR Education Trust, KDRA Vidya Niketan seeks to provide quality education to children from surrounding rural areas at affordable costs. Our aim is to provide our students with a well -rounded education close to their homes. We believe in providing them with the means and opportunities to not only strive for academic excellence but also endeavour to inculcate in them morals and values that will help make them responsible citizens of a tomorrow that will be all the brighter for them.

When learning is full of purpose, not only does knowledge grow but creative pursuits also prosper. Our school is the result of a concerted effort to embody this very statement. We look forward to encouraging our students to advance their prospects in life by embracing a thirst for knowledge and a drive for innovation along with the passion to make changes around them for the better. It is in these beliefs that we find the strength to strive to bridge the gap between the quality of education students receive in rural areas vis a vis the kind of education available in urban areas.

Our Mission

We are looking to provide our students with a well-rounded education and their parents with an opportunity to ensure that their children can have access to the same without them having to worry about its cost. Our school is a well -knit community of students, parents and teachers who all believe in a brighter future. It is this community that enables us all to not only exchange and circulate progressive ideas but also grow more by developing our potential to do and be better.


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